The Ecliptic Instruments at the Jaipur Observatory
Kantivrita Yantra

Construction: The instrument consists of two metal circles, one mounted on a masonry block inclined at 27 degrees to the vertical so that it is in the plane of the equator, and able to rotate on a central axis. The second is at an angle of 23.5 degrees to the first, so that, when the first ring is correctly set, the second is in the plane of the ecliptic. A second similar instrument is mounted on a metal frame

Use: To measure celestial latitude and longitude

Rashivaliya Yantra - The set of 12 zodiacal instruments
Construction: This is a set of twelve small instruments similar in design to the King of Instruments and the small sundial. Each is associated with a particular sign of the Zodiac and can be used for one hour when that sign is on the meridian.

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