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Snap ! - the sundial app

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Snap! is a web-based app. Select a country then a city to display the current sundial for a city nearby to your location. A red line shows the current clock time at that location, with midnight at the top, and noon at the bottom. (Why are these different). The blue line at the top of the shadow shows sun time (during daylight hours)

This free app shows the lines and shadows projected onto a sundial face designed for 51.5 degrees; a sundial designed for your latitude would have hour lines calculated for that latitude. To build your own sundial, click here

Our subscription app is only $12 a year, gives you many more cities to choose from, and displays much more data including the time of solar noon and the apparent declination of the sun.

We would welcome your comments on our new app.

Snap - The Sundial App - Copyright © 2011 Relative Data, Inc & Spot-On Sundials.

Extra Credits & Copyrights:

Zoneinfo time zone Database is in the public domain
Geonames location database is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
VSOP87 and ELP2000 astronomy databases are in the public domain

Astronomy and time algorithms - Copyright © 2011 Relative Data, Inc.
Dial image - Copyright © 2000-2011 Piers Nicholson, Spot-On-Sundials
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