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Sundials Exclusive

P.O.Box 31056, Tokai, 7966, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: Cape Town +27 21 7128402, Johannesburg +27 11 8073778, Durban +27 31 3017419
Fax: +27 21 7159552
Email: info@sundialsexclusive.com   Website: www.sundialsexclusive.com
Sundials Exclusive are designers and crafters of fine quality worldwide location specific engraved brass and bronze horizontal sundials and armillary spheres, all available in polished brass or verdigris finish. Each sundial is individually designed and crafted for each client and incorporates the client's personalised details and design. Personalising options include selective prose, sundial mottoes, dates and names which can celebrate anniversaries, births, weddings, house completion dates - the possibilities are endless making Sundials Exclusive dials the perfect gift that can be delivered to your door.

Sundials Exclusive specialise in armillary spheres and horizontal sundials and have an extensive range of designs in both classical and contemporary designs that can be adapted to your requirements.

Sundials Exclusive's "night sky" concept is particularly fascinating. The night sky on any particular night in time viewed from any chosen vantage point in the world can be engraved into the centre of the sundial. This concept would have special value as a commemorative gift.Sundials Exclusive has chosen to feature the night sky as viewed from Robben Island on the eve of Nelson Mandela's release to freedom on 11 February 1990 on their sample.

This comprehensive website is worth a visit: www.sundialsexclusive.com

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